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LS1 Engine Removal

Head Replacement
LS1 Lift Points
Cam Installation
Colored Wire Loom Install
Converting Stock Thermostat
Drive Belt Idler Pulley Replacement
EGR Free Mod
How to Install Mac Headers
Hooker Header Installation Pictures
Install Painted Valve Covers
Installing an UnderDrive Pulley
MAF Porting
Mass Air Flow Housing Swap
Removing AIR and EGR Systems
SLP Cold Air Install
SLP Header Installation Guide
SLP Header Installation PDF Guide from SLP
SLP Radiator #52467 Install-PDF File
SMH PCV Modification for LS1
Spark Plug and Wire Installation
Throttle Body Bump Stop Mod
Throttle Body Bypass Mod
Throttle Body Install
Throttle Body Porting
Questions and Answers
Torque Specs
Engine Codes

New To Nitrous
TNT Install
Nitrous 5176 Stealth Installation

Koni's Shock Install
BMR Swaybar Install

Bolt-On Subframe Connectors
Lower Control Arm (LCA) Relocation Brackets
Brake Caliper Rebuild
Earl's Brake Bleeders
Front Sway Bar Installation
Rear Differential Oil Change
Rear Lower Control Arm Installation
Rear Lower Control Arm Installation-SLP
Rear Sway Bar Installation
Rotor and Brake Pad Install
TA Performance Girdle Installation
Questions and Answers

Torque Converter Install for LS1
Transmission Rebuild- M6- PDF
Trans Cooler
B&M Tramission Cooler
B&M Trans Cooler Using the Dope Install
Building Braided Lines
Questions and Answers
Transmission Codes

General Motors' OBD-II driving cycle
PCM Idle Learn Procedure
Understanding the GENIII LS1 PCM
Basic Tuning Info
Removing TM Using LS1Edit
Tuning Analysis SpreadSheet (Excel)
Removing O2 Codes Using LS1Edit
Removing Air EGR O2 Codes Using LS1Edit and FlashScan for LS1
HP TunersTuning Info
Removing O2 Codes for 2010-11 Camaro V8


EFILive FlashScan Tuning Info
AutoTune using FlashScan
FlashScan Pin-outs
SD Tuning with FlashScan (Short Version)
Custom EFILive OS Upgrade Tutorial

Exhaust Mod
Questions and Answers


HPPS Installation Instructions
Power Antenna Install
Power Antenna Override Switch
Programming Additional Key Fob Remotes
Disable DRL and Auto Headlights
Fuel Filter Replacement
Hand Painted Hood Struts
LED Bulb Replacement
LS1 Lift Points
Push-Start Engine Switch
Spoiler Removal- PDF
SLP Grille Installation- PDF
LS1 Common Part Numbers
How To Mods-From InstallUnversity
Camaro Colors 93 to 2001
Cam Timing
1993_2002 Owners Manuals
93_97 FBody Part Number Collection
VIN Decoder
2001/2002 RPO Code Lists
Questions and Answers

Tech Tips
Tech Tips 3Q03- PDF
Questions and Answers



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